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We’ve been aiding all of our valued partners in India with 100% guaranteed scholarships for studies in Italy. We were fortunate in obtaining a scholarship worth over 92 crore rupees for 1000+ students.
100% Scholarship is Guaranteed due to our strong domain experience, which includes the following:
1. The entire Degree Program’s tuition fees.

2. The cost of staying in a hostel for the duration of the course

3. Master’s programme stipend of INR 9 lacs and Bachelor’s programme stipend of INR 13.5 lacs

Students also receive a one-year Post-Study Schengen Work Visa, which provides access to 26 European Union countries, resulting in the finest Study Abroad Return on Investment, Time, and Effort.

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About Italy

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The universities of Italy are among the oldest in Europe and the globe. 

Bologna University was founded in 1088, Padua University in 1222, and Naples University in 1224.

Since 1999, the Italian education system has followed the Bologna system. 

The 3+2, 3-cycle system means that after 5 years of study, you can graduate from an Italian institution with bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Students at your university may participate in a variety of student life customs unique to Italy, depending on the location and school where you are studying. Students across Italy have a green laurea wreath (symbolizing knowledge) placed on their heads by someone who already has a degree after graduating from an Italian university.

 In order to graduate, you may be required to defend your thesis in front of a panel of professors and an audience of friends and family members at some higher education institutions (similar to fraternities or sororities in the United States).

However, studying in Italy will provide you with more than simply academic opportunities. Italians are known for their sociable nature, and putting in even a modest amount of effort to learn the language.

It will help you making friends with the locals in no time.

 Italy will feel like home in a flash, with magnificent scenery, innumerable museums and theatres, and thrilling nightlife in even the smallest of Italian cities.

Getting into an overseas institution requires time and research, so we’ve put up a list of everything you’ll need to know to help the process go as smoothly as possible.

“A man who has not been in Italy, is always conscious of an inferiority, from his not having seen what it is expected a man should see.”

Samuel Johnson, writer and poet

Samuel Johnson, (writer and poet)

Education in Italy

  • High Standards of Living
  • Easy Visa Process and Approvals
  • Convenient Permanent Residency opportunities
  • Admission is possible without IELTS / TOFEL
  • Tuition Fee for Entire Degree Program
  • Hostel Expenses for Entire Course Duration
  • Stipend of Rs 4.5 Lacs / Year
  • All Popular Programs Available, No IELTS Needed
  • Eligibility Criteria 60%
  • Part Time and Full Time Job Opportunities

Italy is Europe’s favourite boot-shaped country, with a diversified landscape, culture, and history. Studying abroad in Italy will provide you with access to an astonishing array of cultural, historic, and touristic treasures, from the Alps in the north to the seaside beaches in the south, and everything in between.

Education in Italy is highly valued, with a wide selection of renowned academic institutions located around the country that welcome international students. Italy has played a significant role in academia. Studying in Italy will learn essential classroom knowledge as well as important cultural competencies in one of Europe’s youngest nations.

Regions play a significant influence in Italy’s dynamism. 

The country is divided into 20 smaller areas in the north, centre, and south.

All of this geographical diversity combines to make studying abroad in Italy a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whatever city or town you choose to study in, you’ll encounter fantastic food, vibrant culture, many possibilities to immerse yourself in Italian arts, and the legendary Mediterranean lifestyle all in one fell swoop. Italy has continuously placed high as a study abroad location for experiencing a different culture or lifestyle.

There are numerous advantages to studying abroad, and by participating in Italy’s 932-year-old academic tradition as an international student, you will reap all of them!


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